EasyIO CPT Graphics custom branding

Deliver your EasyIO projects like never before

Fresh new look for EasyIO CPT Graphics

We developed package for CPT Graphics for EasyIO controller. After deploying graphics to controller you will get fresh new look. Branding package is made for you with your company or your customer logo. New user menu interface to access our plug-ins and graphics in the same window. Friendly plug-in ecosystem will extend your controller possibilities to the next level. Mobile friendly design works on all modern browsers and mobile devices. Attention to details like icons for mobile short-cuts and many more are build-in. Always up to date service releases from us to match latest EasyIO firmware and CPT Tool versions.

2D HVAC graphics library for CPT Tools

Branding package includes our CPT Tools graphics libraries. Libraries are covering the most of HVAC components from sensors to pipes. Graphic library components are modular. Flexibility to combine several components to make new components out of them give you most out of it. All library components are preprogrammed with animations and colour status. When you bind components animation and colours are added automatically.

Licensing and pricing

Main license
One time purchase
  • Unlimited controllers
  • One year E-mail support
  • One year free updates
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Service subscription
After the first year
  • New Update releases
  • E-mail support
  • -
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EasyIO cloud remote access

It has never been easier to have secure remote access

What is YS | Remote?

It is remote connection problem solver for building and industrial automations controllers, cloud based device remote access management. Our YS | Remote is balanced for service technicians and commissioning engineers to have full secure remote access to controllers when needed. With our solution you will never need to open any ports in customer IT networks! No static IP is needed.

How about security?

This can take long time let's make it nerdy quick: we use TLS 1.2 encrypted MQTT communication between YellowSnow server and your automation controller. When you activate remote connection your controller will open VPN tunnel to our server so you can have direct access without opening any port on customer IT network. VPN tunnel is encrypted with AES-256-CBC cipher, TLS-auth and in addition HMAC to verify (authenticate) that the data has not been altered or replaced. Every our client has its own VPN network so don't worry you are fully isolated from each other. Not enough? info@yellowsnow.dev

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YS | Remote plans

annual subscription
  • 50 device limit
  • 1 active VPN connection
  • -
  • 1 Private netwok
  • 8x5 Email Support
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annual subscription
  • 100 device limit
  • 10 active VPN connections
  • 10 DDNS addresses
  • 50 Private netwoks
  • 8x5 Email Support
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YS | Analytics

How to reduce tenant complains?

How effective your buildings run?

Predict HVAC degradation?

What is building analytics?

It is cloud based software to help building owners, managers, service contractors to visualize, analyze and predict energy waste and increase building space effectiveness with minimized downtime.

Cloud analytics platform sits on top of all building systems. Necessary data is pushed to the cloud for data aggregation and storage. Our servers talks IT language that means we can collect data from any device that can talk any IP language. Manufacture independent data collection give you most flexibility and future-prof concept.

Connect your building management system, automated metering systems, IoT to start you insights today.

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#Data analytics

#Energy strategies

#Customer oriented

#Future Proof & sustainable





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